Square footages have been calculated using the following methodology: ANSI/ BOMA Z65.4-2010 Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement. The square footage of each Residence includes areas that are outside the legal boundary of the Residence and is measured from the exterior face of the window wall and edge of slab for Balcony Areas to the center line of the demising walls to the interior finish face of the Residence and the exterior finish face of any “code required room” to the exterior finish face of the Common Element walls.

Saleable square footage is calculated by the project architects and includes areas that are outside the area of the Residence including (i) areas within the corridor walls, (ii) areas to the middle of other walls that define the Residence and (iii) balcony areas. Such outside areas are not conveyed to a Residence Owner at Closing.

Conveyable square footage is the interior “paint to paint” air space that is conveyed to Residence Owners at Closing. Conveyable square footages are calculated by the condominium surveyor using the condominium map unit boundaries. The conveyable numbers are slightly smaller than the saleable.